Under lockdown: how has the experience of COVID-19 impacted our relationship with nature?

Directly contribute to research investigating the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown on our thoughts, opinions and actions towards nature during the pandemic. As we begin to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we are living through a moment where change once thought of as impossible, is now being actioned. I hope this research will contribute to the creation of a more abundant and flourishing world as we emerge from the lockdown, you play an important part of this ambition. 

This questionnaire forms part of my postgraduate research project for the University of Oxford, School of Geography and the Environment. The questions themselves are a mixture of multiple choice and open text field that gives you the room to explain or elaborate on your opinion. The detail you provide in this reasoning is particularly of interest, so please do share as much detail as possible. There are no 'right' answers. This questionnaire will take you between 15-30 minutes to complete, depending on how much detail you wish to share. 

There are no direct benefits to taking part in this research. However, if you wish to receive the results of the study, this will be provided for your perusal upon request. Hopefully my analysis into human and nature relations during the coronavirus pandemic will prove to be an interesting insight. 

Your response to this survey will contribute to this exploration.

Take the survey here: https://oxford.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/covid-19-lockdown-and-perceptions-of-...

Thank you very much for participating. 

Elliot Convery Fisher (BSc)
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
South Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3QY