Short films from FSC biodiversity projects

Biological Recording

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Heard of various techniques such as kick sampling, sweep netting, pooting etc but not sure what equipment you need, where to get it, what you'll need to spend or how to carry out the sampling? Look no further - our series of short films is here to help! 

Links to published films are listed below.  If you have any suggestions about useful subjects to cover, please email Charlie.

All videos are hosted on our YouTube channel:

Build your own moth trap

We have worked with moth trap designer and author of  'How to Build Your Own Moth Trap' Paul Palmer to create a series of films which wil guide you through building your own moth trap.  Find them here.

Freshwater invertebrate ID films

We have worked with freshwater biologist Ian Wallace to produce a series of films showing you what freshwater invertebrates actually look like in a sample tray!  Our tips will help you use the way the creatures move and behave to inform identification, usually to group or family level.  Find them here.

Using QGIS and the FSC TomBio Plugin for QGIS

We also have a series of films which help you use the free GIS programme QGIS for biological recording. These are all hosted on our YouTube Channel and are organised into a number of playlists listed below.

FSC Identikit

We have a range of videos to support the FSC Identikit - a tool for building web-based biological identification resources. Follow the link below to the YouTube playlist.