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The ID Resource Finder is an online searchable catalogue of UK wildlife identification resources. A key feature is that this catalogue is crowd-sourced, all you have to do is create an account to add/edit the resources.

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Titlesort ascending Description Author(s) Free Availability
A field guide to the shallow-water echinoderms of the British Isles Field guide & practical reference book on echinoderms likely to be encountered between the tides & under Bernard E. Picton No Publication View Edit
A beginner’s vegetative guide to orchids of the British Isles This guide is designed to aid anyone in the process of identifying orchids when they are not in flower Mike Waller Yes PDF View Edit
Thysanoptera Britannica et Hibernica: Thrips of the British Isles This identification and information system includes 177 species of thrips that have been taken alive on the British Isle Laurence Mound, Dom Collins, Anne Hastings Yes Online View Edit
Online key to Bee-flies (Bombyliidae) of North-west Europe This online key to Bee-flies (Bombyliidae) of North-west Europe by Mark Van Veen contains a wide range of Bombyliidae sp Mark van Veen Yes Online View Edit