Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland

Freshwater Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland is a major project aiming to compile a web-based diatom flora and comprehensive taxonomic review of diatoms from freshwater, brackish and subaerial habitats in the British Isles. The project involves much original research on problematic groups, and description of new species. Approximately 2800 species of freshwater diatoms have been recorded from Britain and Ireland. This website is a work in progress and only a small proportion of taxa have been added so far.
Jüttner I., Bennion H., Carter C., Cox E.J., Ector L., Flower R., Jones V., Kelly M.G., Mann D.G., Sayer C., Turner, J. A., Williams D.M.
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microscopic microorganism aquatic phytoplankton plankton algae algal