BSBI Handbook No 13 Grasses of the British Isles

ISBN 978‐0‐901158‐420  This new Handbook attempts to bridge the gap between the taxonomy of the 1980s and the new molecular phytogenies that are currently being explored. The species descriptions have been kept as brief as possible and are supported by keys to, and detailed descriptions of, tribes and genera, a move that has allowed expansion of other sections of the text. The keys are arranged in two layers - by tribes and then by genus - allowing the user to check the specimen against a tribal description before moving on to genus, and against a generic description before moving on to species. The book contains descriptions of 15 tribes, 67 genera and 220 species. The latter comprise 113 natives, 10 archaeophytes, 50 neophytes and 47 casuals; bamboos, which require specialists of their own, are not included. The information on each is dealt with in the following paragraphs: formal description, local distribution and habitat, biology and ecology, status and wider distribution, and additional information. New plates have been prepared for every species but, after much thought and in order not to put too much strain on the binding, distribution maps have been omitted; references to maps in the New Atlas are given for every species.
Tom Cope & Alan Gray
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