BSBI Handbook No 12 Fumitories of Britain and Ireland

ISBN-13: 978-0-901158-40-6 Fumitories are a fascinating group of plants. In Britain and Ireland, there are ten native or established aliens species, two casual species and four hybrids. Their superficial similarity, the occurrence of numerous infraspecific taxa and their propensity for environmental and seasonal varaition has resulted in their well deserved reputation for being difficult to identify. This is the first, detailed, illustrated guide to their identification in Britain and Ireland. A result of over 20 years study, this handbook will be invaluable to botanists wishing to identify these plants. Similar in style to previous BSBI handbooks but the first to be lavishly illustrated with colour photos. The contents include the introduction, discussion of characters important for identification, keys, species accounts, glossary, distribution of infraspecific taxa by vice-county, reference and index. Each species account includes a description with the infraspecific taxa ( where appropriate), notes on identification, habitats, distribution and conservation, line drawings, col. photos and micrographs, and a distribution map. 5 drawings compare and contrast pairs or groups of taxa.
Rosaline J. Murphy
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