Introducing Tomorrow's Biodiversity

Palmaria palmata

Tomorrow’s Biodiversity is an FSC project funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for five years (2013-2017 inclusive). It is helping us to identify important gaps in identification and monitoring skills, as well as barriers to filling those gaps, and developing/trialling solutions with new training, resources (e.g. new AIDGAP keys or electronic resources) or other interventions.

The first two years (2013-2014) focused identifying gaps and barriers and framing the delivery phase. The delivery phase (2015-2017 inclusive) is developing 'exemplar' projects which can address some of the gaps and trial new ways of working that can overcome some of the barriers. The project will enable the Field Studies Council to develop new resources and training for taxa and/or habitats that are currently under-resourced but which have the potential to make a valuable contribution to our understanding of how biodiversity fares over the coming decades in the face of rapid environmental change.